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Definition of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting is a very fashionable expression today. However, just a few understand what it does in fact signify. Most of the web hosting merchandisers speculate intensely about services tagged as being 'cloud hosting'. Especially the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting retailers. Owing to the complete deficiency of fresh business ideas, the cPanel web hosts are merely utilizing modish expressions, trying to entice more web hosting clients with skilful marketing techniques.

cPanel - a single server web hosting platform

In brief, cPanel is a single server website hosting solution. A single server serves all website hosting services concurrently. On the other hand, the cloud hosting platform demands each single web hosting service, such as disk space, electronic mail, FTP, databases, DNS, statistics, website hosting CP, backup, etc. to be served by different sets of deluxe servers in a cluster. All the clusters construct the so called 'cloud'. With cPanel, the aforementioned web hosting services are all being served concurrently by one single web server. This implies that no 'clouds' can be found around cPanel-based website hosting wholesalers. Not even one cloud...

The huge marketing swindle with cloud hosting accounts

Be careful with the many counterfeit allegations guaranteeing you 'cloud hosting' services, mainly propagated by cPanel hosting providers. When a cPanel hosting corporation haughtily claims that a 'cloud' website hosting service is being provided, examine whether it's not a mist or a fog first of all. Almost everybody toys with the word 'cloud', ultimately relying on the circumstance that the majority of the clients are not aware of what it does in fact denote.

Let's be more positive and get back to the actual cloud hosting services.

Hepsia - a cloud hosting Control Panel platform

Hepsia is an avant-garde cloud hosting solution coupled with a feature-rich user-friendly website hosting Control Panel. Both, the cloud hosting solution and the respective web hosting CP are fabricated by ResellersPanel.com - a top reseller hosting corporation from year 2003. Regrettably, it's an absolutely rare thing to discover a web hosting company distributing a cloud web hosting platform on the market. For unfamiliar reasons, Google favors cPanel-based hosting merchants chiefly. This is why we believe it's commendable for those who require a website hosting solution to be a little bit more aware of the Hepsia cloud web hosting platform.

Hepsia - the multi-server cloud hosting environment

Each website hosting service droplet in Hepsia's 'cloud' is attended to by an autonomous bunch of web servers, devoted only to the specific service at hand, sharing the load generated. In this way, the web hosting CP is being attended to by a separate pack of web servers, which serve the website hosting CP solely and nothing apart from it. There is another group of web servers for the email, one more for the disk storage, another for the backup, one more for the statistics, another for the MySQL databases, one more for the PostgreSQL databases, and so on. All these groups of web servers operate as one whole web hosting service, the so-called 'cloud hosting' service.

Cloud hosting services with Consultingforge Hosting Ltd.

We have picked Hepsia as our main hosting platform, so that we can provide top cloud hosting services to our clients. All of our hosting offers features the Hepsia web hosting CP and all of it's free bonuses. But don't take our word for it, you can go check things for yourself in the control panel demo.

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